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Current Projects

In line with Gascoyne Catchments Group strategic plan, we look for partnerships that foster our core vision and regional focus.


Future Drought Fund Helping Regional Communities Prepare for Drought - Community Impact Program 

2023 - 2025

With funding provided by Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal as part of the Future Drought Funds in collaboration with Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, Gascoyne Catchments Group, as the lead organisation for our region  will work with people across the region to build social connection of land managers across the Gascoyne through understanding of drought challenges and resilience building goals. 

The projects will delivery presentations and workshops focused on Building social connection of land managers across the Gascoyne through understanding of drought challenges and resilience building goals.  

Through this project GCG will work closely with RNRM to will mobilise key presenters, facilitators, and trainers to the region. Given the large geographical span of the Gascoyne bringing people together takes a large commitment both in time and travel By engaging with professionals to deliver relevant information to aid the community in preparing for drought, both mentally and physically we will create social connection and strengthen relationships across the region.
The aim is to further strengthen connections both of business owners, local shires and key stakeholders to build a resilient community.

Topics to cover/include:
      - Mental Health professionals to aid in understanding not only personal triggers but also those of             young staff in the area
      - Personal Resilience presenters
      - Sharing local knowledge, personal understandings of the regions drought history

      - Landscape Management Trainers/Presenters to increase knowledge and understanding,           

         generating discussions between the community and encouraging long term connections
      - Plant species specialist to provide targeted understanding of the Gascoyne for the community,

         and its key stakeholder as to better personally understand the impacts drought have on the

       - Grazing for Profit trainers to assist the community in building drought resilient businesses,

          therefore decreasing personal stress during dry times
       - Technology/Tool presenters to provide an understanding of what is available to assist people

          not only during drought but to better prepare before things become stressful
      - Provide materials relevant to aid in during times of high stress, help people understand how to

         use them and where to go for help.

The project will provide the participants with the tools required to allow access to key information during the high stress times of drought and personal stresses, for whatever reason they occur. Better connecting and preparing our community for drought and all of the stresses that are part of those hard times will assist in building not only their personal resilience but that of their business, whilst better connecting them with the broader region.

GCG has found that bringing people together in various physical locations across the region enhances shared learning and adoption of topics presented. We have found that group settings generate natural conversations and strengthen connections, through shared understandings. Shared learnings and resources build the regions confidents to reach out to their neighbours and other regional stakeholders and professionals during times of high stress.

Alongside GCG core programs we will work with Australian Rural Leadership Foundation to deliver 3 session's for their Changemaker Workshop.  This Changemaker Workshop empowers individuals who wish to make a real difference in their communities by providing them with skills in assessing their region’s readiness for change, positive change agency, purposeful engagement and storytelling to shape communities. We believe that through collaboration and purposeful engagement, positive change is not only possible but also achievable.

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Gascoyne River Catchment Project

October 2022 – November 2024


With funding received from Gascoyne Development Commission and with the support of Rangelands NRM, Gascoyne Catchments Group developed a unique project that starts at a whole catchment level before focusing on key locations for on ground rehydration/rehabilitation works.  The project will delivery a catchment wide hydrology survey before working with seven pastoral properties in the catchment to plan, monitor and deliver ground works.

The projects planned outcomes include:

- Improve the ecological health of the Gascoyne River catchments through undertaking targeted hydrological interventions that improve soil moisture and vegetation cover.
- Prove rehydration methods and techniques that are best suited to local conditions.
- Raise awareness and adoption of optimal rehydration and land management practices among  pastoralists.
- Support sustainable growth of the pastoral sector in the Gascoyne Region, and resilience under a changing climate.
- Maintain and improve natural capital, including soil health, carbon sequestration and biodiversity to improving overall rangeland condition and resilience.

Gascoyne Development Commission Flyer


WA Beeflinks Partnership Strategy 

2021 - ongoing


Gascoyne Catchments Group has partnered with Beef Links, which aims to drive  an integrated and complementary R&D programme for northern and southern production systems across WA that achieves profitable, consistent and sustainable beef yields matched to consumer expectations.

Beef Links is funded by UWA and the MLA donor Company.

Through this partnership some of our members have worked individually with the Beeflinks team on projects and Beeflinks have worked with Gascoyne Catchments Group on the delivery of our Annual Pastoral Forum.  This partnership has seen keen interested in the various programs that come under the Beeflinks banner including CN-30, Virtual Fencing and Diet ID.


Rangelands NRM

2009 - ongoing

Through Gascoyne Catchments Groups  ongoing relationship with Rangelands NRM we have been able to delivery a large number of projects and leverage additional funding.  Rangelands NRM has played a key role in the development of the Rangelands Monitoring Tool, various State NRM Grants, most recently helping with Future Drought Fund applications and the Gascoyne River Catchment project.  Some of the project/programs delivered include:


Gascoyne River Catchment Project

Gascoyne Catchments Group with the support of Rangelands NRM was awarded funding from the Gascoyne Development Commission for this project.  With their support we we're able to delivery a presentation on the catchment wide survey, allowing stakeholders within the catchment to ask questions and better understand how the project will be delivered.


Their support was circuital to the development of the project and ongoing delivery of the project over the coming two years.

GCG Annual Pastoral Forum

Gascoyne Catchments Group Annual Pastoral Forum has been long support by Rangelands NRM.  Through this support, over the last 5 years the forum has successfully drawn an every increasing number of attendees, key presenters and provides a great opportunity for attendees to learn not only from the presentations but from other in attendance.  Rangelands NRM has been key in ensuring the success of this annual event.

Building Pastoral Resilience to Climate Change
Gascoyne Catchments Group worked to support pastoralists in the Gascoyne to improve the health and resilience of the environment through the development of a rangeland rehydration/restoration plan and the implementation of on-ground works. The plan will include strategic direction for remediation techniques to restore surface water flow, improve water infiltration, increase vegetation growth and reduce sediment runoff. Station staff will also be upskilled in how to best use earth working machinery to implement the plan by learning from experts who have spent their entire lives refining leading practice. We will also facilitate industry-wide learning through field days and demonstrations which will include presentations on managing grazing pressure and setting up station-wide monitoring to determine project success. The distribution of fact sheets and case studies will also improve understanding of and confidence in rehydration works among the broader industry.

Land Remediation Workshop and Improved Land Management/Practise Change

Gascoyne Catchments Group worked to delivery support to three pastoral properties to identify key locations for land remediation on their pastoral leases.  With the aid of Richard Marver from Contour Consulting each participant benefited from one of one, in field time to discuss their concerns and ways to improve their identified sites.  Richard also delivery a workshop during the GCG Annual Pastoral Forum outlining to those in attendance how best to read their landscapes.

Sustainable Production and Managing Rangeland Condition in the Central Rangelands

Through this project Gascoyne Catchments Group was able to develop and improve the Rangelands Monitoring Tool.

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