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Rangelands Monitoring Tool

Starting in 2007, the evolution of this industry-centric application has undergone numerous transformations. Originally available exclusively on Apple devices for the Gascoyne region, it expanded to incorporate data from the Pilbara area. In 2022, substantial investments were made for the creation of new reports, resulting in the comprehensive and operational tool that exists today.

The tool's applicability presently centers around plant species specified within the app, catering exclusively to pastoralists in the Gascoyne and Pilbara regions

Rangelands-Monitoring-Tool-Logo_HR_edite evolution from concept to web based application


The Rangelands Monitoring Tool has species data, including sceintific & common names; descriptions and images to easy of use in the field.

Whole of property monitoring

Evidence based, self assessment developed to encourage ecological sustainability.  The Rangelands Monitoring Tool works on a value based approached to assessing & monitoring perennial species trends, removing subjective conclusions to rangelands trends.


The Rangelands Monitoring has the ability to report by land system, species type and a full station report.   The full station report outlining the site stability index store.

Rangelands Monitoring Tool Partners

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